Building on Salem's Legacy of Faith
Last updated on October 14, 2020
Campaign Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

We are called to be wise stewards of the gifts you have given to us. When we think of gifts, material things come to mind, but remind us that our most important gift is that of faith. It is a gift that keeps on giving and a gift that is meant to be shared.

Help us to build on Salem's legacy of faith in Christ Jesus as we move forward with our capital campaign to finance a building project which will meet the needs of current and future generations. Grant us the wisdom, knowledge, and skills necessary to proceed with a campus addition. Let us work together with thankfulness, joy, harmony, and patience. All these things we ask in your name.


Capital Campaign Update: October 2020

Relaunching the Capital Campaign

Earlier this year, we decided to pause our capital campaign because of the pandemic. Although the campaign was at a
standstill, some decided to make a pledge and/or initial gifts. A special thank you to those who have already stepped up with a
financial commitment! Your support demonstrates a true enthusiasm for this effort.

Due to this positive momentum, we are now relaunching the campaign for expanding and updating Salem’s facilities.
Members who have not made a commitment will receive their pledge information in November.

We ask that you pray for God’s guidance throughout this process as well as for the campaign volunteers and
entire faith community.
This is an important moment in Salem’s history and we thank you for your interest!

Information on Volunteering for the Campaign

Salem needs many volunteers to make this campaign a success. An important aspect of this effort involves volunteers contacting members and school parents through a personal visit. We will soon be enlisting volunteers to visit other members. We appreciate everyone considering volunteering when asked!

    Information on Giving to the Campaign
  • The information below is not meant to provide advice as each individual’s financial situation is unique. For further information or questions regarding how to make these gifts or the tax benefits, please consult with your accountant and/or financial advisor.


    Before making a commitment to Salem’s Capital Campaign, it’s important that you know the following:

    • When receiving your commitment information, please take time to consider and pray over the amount to give

    • Please do not reduce giving to our annual giving for operations in order to make a capital campaign gift

    • All giving will be treated in a confidential manner


    In what ways can I make a gift to the capital campaign?

    As you consider your commitment, please review the following options:


    Envelopes or Vanco Electronic Giving

    Most donors will make gifts and pay their pledge by check or electronic giving. Such charitable contributions may be tax deductible.


    Appreciated Stocks and Bonds

    Funding charitable giving with appreciated stocks or bonds may be advantageous to both you and the campaign. In most cases, you will avoid paying any capital gains taxes while receiving a full value charitable deduction, and Salem will receive a liquid asset. To claim these benefits, stocks/bonds must be transferred to our church rather than selling them and donating the proceeds.



Campus Expansion Questions/Answers
Some questions and responses about what's in the project so far.

Salem’s Campaign Team 
Campaign Chair

Sheila Varner

Campaign Committee
CC Arnold
Becky Klatt
Tony & Melissa Klein
Brittany McFadden
Carol Meyer
Pastor Paul Schuler
Joe Siers
Mark & Melanie Tusler

Campaign Consultants
Michael & Whitney Davy – Mark Davy & Associates 

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