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Athletics as an Extension of Our Ministry
Nurturing Lives of Honor and Service to the Lord

Athletics are intertwined in the culture of Salem Lutheran School, which means Christ is once again the focus of all we do. Throughout the sports seasons, these young athletes are able to learn skills, strategies and teamwork to accomplish one goal. These attributes and skills are very important to the growth of our athletic programs. However, the aspect of athletics that most accurately identifies us continues to be the Christian way in which our student athletes and coaches conduct themselves in competition. 

Although we all fall short of living lives of honor and service to the Lord, Salem Lutheran coaches and teachers strive to pass on to our students the importance of modeling themselves to reflect the love of Jesus in all we do. We attempt to impress on them the Christian values of honesty, compassion, service and love of others that Jesus modeled perfectly as we equip them for lives of service to the Lord. By exhibiting these virtues during the intensity of competition, we pray that our students will be preparied to demonstrate the values in their adult lives and continued service to their Lord.

Go Sailors!
Eric Hahn
Athletic Director
Salem Lutheran
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